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Pendientes Persia

Pendientes Persia

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It is imperative that we make mention of the ancient Persian Empire. As you know it was one of the most recognized kingdoms for its majestic and wonderful structures located in the desert. One of its main contributions was warfare as a means of income and wealth. Their way of life was based on conquering and collecting tribute (unfortunately, there are still wars and this system is still in practice) Marta, our dear Community Manager, is passionate about Persian culture and has told us on several occasions that the Persians were one of the most developed, cultured and culturally rich cultures. They contributed great inventions as well. Cristina was inspired by the Middle East for the design of our Earrings Persia and Marta did not hesitate for a moment to baptize them. Color: black. Stone: Quartz Drusa. Composition: 24 carat gold. Closing: traditional nut.




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