This project was initiated by the need to find European jewellery brands, not only concerning design but production as well, that had in their heart brave policies regarding sustainability and human values. 


And the brands that have exactly that as their fundamental practices are:



Agapé Studio 

Founded in Paris in October 2019, its name comes from the ancient Greek meaning "divine and unconditional love," representing everything we stand for: kindness, love, and friendship.

Looking like taken straight out of the archeological excavation, our ornaments harmoniously connect the esthetics of the past times and culture into today's sophistication and delicacy of design. All with the aim to subtly enhance your style.





Gisel B

GISEL B is a French jewelry brand, created in 2015 by Clémence Masson, with the desire to offer quality jewelry, handcrafted in France, while remaining accessible to as many people as possible. 

Inspired by minerals and plants, Clémence quickly turned to cultured pearls to create her first collections.

 The choice of artisanal manufacture is not an option and the brand quickly surrounds itself with quality craftsmen to carry out the technical tasks of jewelery such as plating, welding and molding.

All the designs, prototyping and assembly of the jewelry are done in our workshop.

Founded by Clémence Masson 







We want to enhance individual beauty and confidence, providing easy access to modern, delicate and affordable jewelry. We believe that high quality jewelry can be within everyone's reach.
There is also a sustainability mission behind each MESH creation, and all the silver used in the pieces is of recycled origin.

Founded by two brothers, Tiago and João.






PEKAN is a Portuguese jewelry brand with an international profile, positioned in the affordable luxury segment (below classic high jewellery), which stands out for its original and sophisticated collections made of noble and authentic metals such as silver and gold, together with precious stones. semi-precious and other materials, reflecting the latest fashion trends.
 This project was founded in 2006, with a solid and consolidated path, 100% Made in Portugal.
We produce jewelery exclusively in Silver (925) and Gold (375; real, not plated), with our own unique and exclusive design, paying tribute to centuries of Portuguese tradition in the work of noble and precious metals.
PEKAN has an annual production of around 5.000 jewels, being the leading Brand in the Iberian Peninsula in the commercial jewelery segment, made in Silver and Gold - a more accessible market segment, below the high jewelery that incorporates precious stones.







LOULA was founded in 2022 by Débora Lourenço.